Print Products from Our Studio

Thank you for visiting our products section. Sophia Grace Photography offers beautiful heirloom products for your family to enjoy for generations to come. There is no better way to visit memory lane than by viewing your photos in a tangible form. Our studio offers handcrafted works of art such as albums and folio boxes. We also offer canvases, metal prints, and acrylics prints, as well as gift items and digital collections. Our final product is not finished until you can hold it in your hands or see it on the walls of your home.

Leather and Linen Albums

These albums are exquisite. Each page is carefully designed to tell your story and then carefully handcrafted with the finest materials. You'll love sharing these albums with your family and sitting down to view them together will take you back to that special time in your lives. Cozying up with these albums will become one of your favorite things to do.


Wall Art

With lots of designs to choose from we can customize a wall gallery design specifically for your home.

Rustic-Romance-PWDG - jafit
Free Wall Gallery Designs (PC)
Rustic-Romance-PWDG twins
Rustic-Romance-PWDG- hall
Free Wall Gallery Designs (PC)2

High Resolution Digital Collection

Our high resolution digital collection includes a matching professional print of each image purchased, crystal usb, all wrapped up in a gorgeous glass heirloom box.

Folio Box Collection

Our folio boxes preserve your beautifully matted prints. Each image is carefully matted in an acid free mat. The archival quality of the image and mat will ensure many years of enjoyment. Display your images now and when you are ready to change them out place them back in this customized handcrafted folio box to preserve.

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