Newborn Sessions FAQs


Why should I hire a newborn photographer?

You have a lot to worry about at this busy time in your life, and our experience working with newborns and their families ensures that the experience will be as stress-free as possible. Additionally, our expertise in posing newborns, using props and retouching images provides value you’ll see in every portrait you select from among the prints, albums, baby announcements and other products we offer. Photography is an art form, and professional photographers are artists with skills, experience and training in their field. While it’s true that anyone can take a snapshot, don’t leave this once in a lifetime opportunity up to a friend, grandparent or sleep-deprived dad. A professional’s unique, artistic vision can make the difference between a cute picture and a breathtaking heirloom. Furthermore, one of the most important qualifications for a newborn photographer is their ability and experience in handling a newborn and posing them safely. You are handing over your brand new baby to a photographer to hold, soothe, pose in and on props. You need to trust that this person knows what they are doing, just as you would with your midwife and doctor. As a mother of four and a newborn photographer, I have years of experience in soothing and calming babies, a skill that is necessary for a successful session. I am also experienced in posing babies in a way that always guarantees their safety and capturing very popular poses like baby’s hands on the chin, hanging babies with wraps, or putting babies into props like crates or buckets. I consider this so important and I am a huge advocate for proper baby safety during newborn sessions.

Are all newborn sessions held in your studio?

Posed Newborn sessions are all done in our studio. While we do offer Outdoor newborn sessions, these are only held when the weather permits it and depending on the temperature outside your baby main remain fully clothed and/or wrapped.

Do you ever offer in-home newborn sessions?

Yes, but in-home newborn sessions are lifestyle in format and do not include any props from the studio. If you want posed newborn photos of your baby a studio session is best.

Is my baby too old for Newborn Photos?

Ideally, I like to photograph newborn babies between 7-21 days post birth. This is the time when babies have established somewhat of a routine with mom but still sleep deeply and can remain in curled up womb-like poses. Typically, the younger the baby the better. But to be honest, there is no magic time frame. Some babies do better early on while others do better later. Some babies make their arrival early as well and this can buy you time. For preemie newborn babies I prefer to use their gestational age. Preemies can be photographed as newborn until their actual due date, give or take. It is important to understand that newborns are never turned away in our studio for their age, however; certain poses may not be possible as they get older.

What if my baby doesn't sleep during the newborn photography session?

Sleepy babies stay in curled up poses and allow me to capture all those tiny features better. Some poses also require babies to be fully asleep. While it is ideal to photograph a baby while they sleep, that is not to say that we cannot achieve beautiful results with an awake baby. When a baby doesn’t sleep with take advantage of finding the perfect shot with amazing eye contact. We keep baby wrapped and posed in cute baskets; we use lots of textures to create a beautiful set up to bring out your baby’s best features. Don't worry too much, though. Almost every baby eventually falls asleep in the studio at some point and I can tell you that with the many years of experience and as a mother of four, I have great techniques to sooth your baby to sleep. I also follow your baby’s cues and am familiar with the needs of tiny newborns to help ease any obstacles that may be preventing your baby from falling asleep.

Do I need to bring my own props or outfits to my newborn session?

Absolutely not! I take care of everything for you. We have a well-stocked studio full of all the items your baby will need for their special photography day. From intricately knitted outfits, bonnets, blankets, and wraps, to beautiful handcrafted beds and baskets.

When should I book a newborn session?

We know that once your baby is born, you’ll have a lot on your mind, and selecting a photographer might not be first on your list. That is why it is best to book your baby’s photo session between two and four months before your due date. Booking while you are still pregnant reserves your spot on my calendar. We will tentatively schedule based on your due date. Once your little one makes his or her big entrance let us know the news and we will coordinate with you to choose a day for the photo session. While I do reserve a couple of appointments for last minute newborn sessions, I cannot guarantee that this option will be available as it is on a first come first serve basis and they go fast. Reserving your appointment early will also allow us to meet ahead of time for a pre-session consultation to fully customize your baby’s session.

What if my newborn arrives earlier or later than expected?

Not to worry, if you booked early you will have a spot regardless. Most babies do not arrive on their due date and this is the reason why I only book a certain number of newborn session appointments. Doing so allows me the opportunity to make room as necessary for those newborns with earlier or later arrivals.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my session?

We know that it might be difficult to predict when your baby will want to eat and sleep during those first few days, but ideally, your baby should be fed, changed and sleepy before the photo session begins. Sleeping newborns produce the best photographs, so try to time your baby’s naps accordingly. If you want to include any items of sentimental value to your session, be sure to lay those out in a place where you won’t forget them. Prep your diaper bag the night before so you are not rushing. Anticipate that your baby may need to eat or be changed before you leave your home so be prepared for that. But keep in mind that we will allow for eating and changing breaks during the session as well so try not to stress too much.

What Can I expect during my newborn session?

For posed photographs, think of your newborn baby as the work of art he or she is. We’ll use props such as headbands and bonnets, blankets, baskets, pillows and other items to carefully place your sleeping baby into poses that make him or her look like a perfect, living angel. Expect posed photographs of your little one to take a bit longer and require a bit more effort; allow at least two- three hours for the session. Getting your baby into those picturesque poses will take a good deal of patience, but the end result will be well worth the time.

I understand that your baby’s first photo shoot can be a stressful time for you. Baby may not be cooperating, and you’ll worry that the session will be a bust. Also, watching someone else handle and pose your baby could bring out your mommy instincts. The first rule of newborn photography is to relax, and the second rule is to have patience and trust your experienced newborn photographer. If you are tense, your baby will sense that, and your little one might have trouble going into the deep sleep we’d like. So, take a deep breath, think calming thoughts, and take your baby’s lead. We are happy to take the time we need for baby to be fed, changed, comforted, and lulled to sleep so the artistic magic can begin. If your baby takes a pacifier please bring it! A pacifier can be a great tool during the transitions. Overall, be assured that I am a highly experienced newborn photographer and your baby’s safety and comfort is my first priority. I place your baby’s safety above all else, so your little one will be in good hands.

During the session I will play soft music so everyone can feel more relaxed. You are welcome to bring your favorite playlist as well. The room in which the session will take place will be very warm. Keeping the room nice and toasty makes it very comfortable for your baby. Please wear layers or light clothing as you may feel warm.

What should I wear if I decide to be in the photos?

If you will be in the pictures please wear soft neutral tones. I love a lot of skin to skin contact to show the connection and emotion with your baby; therefore, I’ll sometimes ask dads to go shirtless and moms to wear a simple tank top. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, though. Being uncomfortable in your clothes will show in the portraits. Moms are also invited to look through our client closet. There is no need for you to go shopping before the session. Also, bring an extra set of clothes for yourself, just in case. It is normal for babies to relieve themselves.

Anything else I can do to prepare for the newborn session?

Planning ahead is always best but don’t stress. We have everything in the studio your baby will need including diapers and pacifiers in case you forget or run out. If your older children will also be in the photos please bring items for entertainment and/or their favorite snacks. While I provide snacks and drinks, I may not have their favorites.

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